Covid Statement

Outlined below some of the steps that we have taken in order to protect our carers and most importantly our clients and vulnerable adults as much as possible against Covid-19.

  1. Initially, when Covid-19 broke out and the industry was still trying to figure out necessary precautions, our carers were receiving a text message from us daily reminding them of infection control, hygiene control, constantly to wash their hands and reminders not to travel to work in their uniforms. As time went on this was reduced to 2-3 times a week. Our carers were also advised the minute they feel they are coming down with any symptoms no matter how small, your immediate line manager must be contacted and informed. Quite a few were self-isolated by us as a precaution in order to keep your homes safe and others went into voluntary self-isolation for whatever personal reasons they had.
  2. Immediately where possible, we committed our carers to one client. This allowed us to provide our valued clients like yourselves with continuity during these testing times and assurance that our carers weren’t being subjected to any further risks and avoid bringing something back to your home.
  3. During the first week of lockdown, we closed our offices as we felt there was a high risk from candidates and carers that were coming in to see us. The office staff started working from home which meant the registration forms had to be redesigned for electronic use. We pride ourselves in face to face interviews but temporarily had to change our policy and interview potential candidates over Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp.
  4. As we have a Domiciliary side to the business, which is CQC registered, we understand the challenges of maintaining a Good CQC rating and forever pursue to maintain those standards in our Nursing division so that our hard-working carers can maintain your registration. After 4 hours, painstakingly bounced from pillar to post, we managed to be one of the first agencies to get their carers tested resulting in a huge relief to us, our carers and yourselves. In a short time, out of 115 carers, we managed to get 80% of them tested, the remaining 20% proved to be a little difficult as they were non-drivers and in voluntary self-isolation. As soon as home test kits were made available, it was made sure that hey received these kits so that they were able to get tested too. At all times, we wanted to assure yourselves, our valuable clients, that we were leaving no stone unturned for everyone’s safety and kept you in the loop at all times.
  5. As you are aware national minimum wage went up on 6th April 2020 therefore meaning operating costs went up too. We felt it was unjust to try and make profit from our clients given the enormity of the challenging situation and the most important thing right now was providing you with continuity, therefore we did not increase our rates. We increased our carers wages, however absorbed the rise in operating costs ourselves. It was only until 6 weeks later that we implemented the rate change bearing in mind that we had not increased our rates for two years.
  6. We implemented fortnightly testing of our carers back in October last year to make sure we are on top of infection control and testing for the wellbeing of your residents and our carers back in
  7. As a result of all the steps above and the extra precautions AHP personally took helped us to deliver a safe service whilst keeping our carers safe. Out of 115 carers, 3 tested positive for COVID-19…. still 3 too many but if the steps above had not been taken in time it could have been a lot worse. The two that had tested positive as soon as they had started showing some symptoms, they were self-isolated and we immediately updated yourselves, got them tested and then quarantined them. After quarantine we got them tested again before sending them back into care work and I am pleased to say all three are fighting fit and back to work.
  8. We are now testing our carers on a weekly basis and majority of our staff have had their 1st vaccine with most of their 2nd vaccine booked in from Mid-end of March.
  9. As of April 2021, we conducted weekly Covid-19 tests of our carers and office staff on a Tuesday and Friday to continue ensuring the safety of your residents.
    Where possible I have been in touch with you (our valued clients0 almost every day if not couple of times a week to assure you of the steps we have/are taking to protect your carers, our carers and the vulnerable adults.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support in looking after our carers during this difficult period. You have treated our carers not as agency but as one of your own and for which both AHP and the carers are humbled.

    If there is anything else you would like to know about the measures we have taken please do not hesitate to contact me.

    If you require any support , please do not hesitate to either contact myself or one of the members of staff in the office.

For the latest guidance on COVID-19, news and announcements, please visit: GOV.UK