“We have been using services of AHP-Healthcare for some time now. All Care Assistants from AHP-Healthcare who are coming to work in our home prove a high standard of their care skills and a good knowledge on day-to-day basis whilst working in our care home. They all work well under pressure on their own and as a part of our team. They are polite, kind, friendly and our residents and staff like them. 
Care Assistants from AHP-Healthcare have got good written and verbal communication skills and they do not hesitate to communicate with those who are involved in our residents’ care effective way which has a positive impact on the standard of care provided by the home. They show their initiative and willingness to complete any task requested and they complete it well. We know Care Assistants from AHP-Healthcare as being patient with our residents, they are good listeners, they approach our residents in sensitive way, always thinking of their best interest. They always treat all our residents and those who are involved in their care with respect”.