“We have been using services of AHP-Healthcare for some time now. All Care Assistants from AHP-Healthcare who are coming to work in our home prove a high standard of their care skills and a good knowledge on day-to-day basis whilst working in our care home. They all work well under pressure on their own and as a part of our team. They are polite, kind, friendly and our residents and staff like them. 
Care Assistants from AHP-Healthcare have got good written and verbal communication skills and they do not hesitate to communicate with those who are involved in our residents’ care effective way which has a positive impact on the standard of care provided by the home. They show their initiative and willingness to complete any task requested and they complete it well. We know Care Assistants from AHP-Healthcare as being patient with our residents, they are good listeners, they approach our residents in sensitive way, always thinking of their best interest. They always treat all our residents and those who are involved in their care with respect”. 
“I really like the company, everyone is really kind and accommodating. 
The interview process was really easy and quick. 
Very flexible hours and if you aren’t available there’s no downfall. 
Overall a great company”. 

I’ve been a while working with AHP and it been a very enriching experience for me.  It is an organization which offer opportunities for everyone to foster and grow both professionally and personally. I have not only learned a lot over these time but there has also been alot of functional learning which had helped in an overall growth.  AHP are extremely encouraging, talented and like on big family who are always around to support at time of need.  AHP is a very multicultural where we get interacted with colleagues from various nationalities and cultural background.  AHP has been a best place to work

HA - Carer

AHP is the best company I have ever worked for as they treat their employees with respect and provide support for them to excel at work.

TO - Carer

It has been amazing working with AHP healthcare and I am happy that I’ve been working here.  AHP healthcare provides flexible working hours, friendly work atmosphere which gives me the opportunity to be focused on my work and personal growth, good pay rate and trainings.  AHP healthcare have been very supportive and I have had a very happy experience. I feel very proud to be part of this team and work for this fantastic company.

KA - Carer
AHP Healthcare has truly impressed me with their efficient services.  Their recruitment process is remarkably fast and the staff is incredibly friendly.  What sets them apart is their competitive pay rates and user-friendly app, which makes everything from submitting timesheets to signing them online a breeze.  Overall, my experience with AHP Healthcare has been exceptional.  They prioritize the needs of healthcare professionals, highly recommended for anyone seeking healthcare job opportunities in Derby
KN - Carer