About Us

About Us

AHP Healthcare is a family run Agency with over 75 years of combined healthcare & business experience. We serve nationwide and have extensive experience in delivering care and support to individuals in their own homes and supplying nurses and carers to the NHS, private and public sector. Our aim is to deliver the highest possible standard of care and first-class service. We offer a range of healthcare services to a diverse range of clients. We’re committed to building long-term partnerships that boosts our clients’ business.

No contract is too little or big; we put in equal effort and professionalism into every contract we are engaged in.

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What makes us so Special?

We are deliberately different because we do not want to be “just another agency” but will use our knowledge & skills to ensure that our clients and care staff ger the service they deserve which will ultimately benefit the service users, whom it should be all about.

  • AHP Healthcare is both passionate and driven to deliver a service we would want ourselves, should we ever need help in our own home or care home.
  • Our sister company (AHP Homecare) is registered with CQC and fully understand their policies & procedures & challenges to maintain a safe service with excellent outcomes.
  • Offering a safe, friendly and caring environment, we actively listen to and respond to those we support, promoting a culture of involvement and participation, as well as encouraging independence.
  • All our consultants are ex carers and have the understanding & passion to recruit & match the right person.
  • AHP Healthcare is committed to equal opportunities, promoting fair and objective treatment of all Clients and Carers, irrespective of race, colour, sexual orientation, disability, gender, or ethnicity.
  • We also behave with honesty, integrity and openness, so if there are any concerns, never be afraid to speak out; we are here to resolve any issues.
  • Very rigorous recruitment & compliance policies.
  • Every carer must do 17 trainings before they can start working for us.

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Our Story




Sheel and Renu started in Essex with the KarePlus Franchise looking after the Chelmsford Area



Within a year they had expanded to 3 areas covering Chelmsford, Colchester and Ipswich


Venture out

Sheel and Renu left the KarePlus franchise to setup SRP Healthcare.


New Headoffice

Move to a New, Bigger headoffice in Colchester where Healthcare, Homecare and Recruitment division is run from


Handing over the reigns

Sheel and Renu’s Daughter (Anneka) joined the company taking over SRP Healthcare


New Start

With Sheel and Renu’s son (Aran) joining the company AHP Group was born based in Derby


New Office

AHP Group moved to new Headoffice in Derby based out of the Old Courthouse

We believe that everyone should be empowered to live their lives as they choose;
this may include the right to remain living in your own home or the right to live your
life in a fulfilling way that you choose. Whatever a client or service users’ needs are,
we believe that by providing the right care and assistance can enable people to do
so with dignity in an independent, safe and secure way.

  • We believe in complete honesty and integrity in everything we set out to
  • We believe in showing absolute compassion to all of our customers and
  • We highly value our nursing, care and support workers, without whom there
    would be no AHP Healthcare.
  • We believe in offering all staff the opportunity to excel and achieve.
  • We believe in the strength of our policies and procedures and the importance
    of adhering to them at all times.
  • We believe in consistently maintaining fair and competitive fee levels whilst
    maintaining an outstanding quality of service.
  • We believe that AHP Healthcare gain additional strength from overcoming

We believe that our mission can only be realised by sharing our beliefs and working
together as a team.

Our Care mission is to bring exceptional health care with
innovation and compassion to enhance the quality of life.

In order to achieve our overall aim of respecting and treating Service Users in the way we
would wish both ourselves and our relatives to be treated, AHP Healthcare has the following

  • To make a positive difference by providing a quality service through the provision of highly trained, fully compliant and experienced staff.
  • To ensure that the Client is the focus for all that we do and delivery of care.
  • To provide a safe, well-planned, reliable care to our Clients.
  • To provide support in the way Clients prefer and at the times they wish.
  • To maintain and promote the dignity, independence, choice and rights of Service
    Users while providing care in any environment.
  • To respect the Service Users’ rights in relation to confidentiality including our
    communication and conduct, recording practices and storage of information.
  • To have in place appropriate systems, policies and procedures to promote safe
    working practices in all aspects of service provision.
  • To proactively and regularly seek the views of Clients regarding our service, in order to pursue continuous improvement.
  • To safeguard the wellbeing of Service Users by having systems in place to prevent
    the potential for abuse and ensure any concerns raised or identified are robustly
    addressed and risks are effectively managed.
  • To promote matters of equality and diversity in all that we do and ensure anti-
    discriminatory practice in all aspects of the service.
  • To provide a consistent care through a dedicated focus towards a robust recruitment
    process, ensuring our training programme leads to happy and competence, staff and
    promoting excellent staff retention.
  • To provide appropriate and transparent information to our Clients
  • To work in partnership with other agencies and individuals as, to promote the
    wellbeing of Clients.
  • To act as a good responsible employer for our staff and ensure equality of
    opportunity for all.

AHP Healthcare and all of its employees are also expected to operate within the
organisation’s Code of Practice, which is provided to every individual member of staff prior to commencement of employment and as part of the initial induction process.

AHP Healthcare Code of Practice is set out below (and is included in the Staff Handbook for care workers):

  • We will provide the agreed service to the very highest standard we can achieve.
  • To ensure that the care provision is personalized and delivered in accordance with
    regulations and the diverse requirements of our service users.
  • People living at home and receiving care should enjoy the rights and opportunities
    afforded to all other members of the community. We constantly strive to respect
    every individual, promote their independence, dignity and safety; respect the privacy
    and personal choices, lifestyles, customs, cultures and values.
  • In the event that we don’t get it quite right, we will be open and transparent and admit it and then do our upmost to put it right.
  • We will respect the rights of Service Users and of all members of staff. We have a
    zero tolerance against discrimination of any kind and will work actively against it.
  • We believe that domiciliary and live-in care has a significant role to play in the care of some people. However, we will never encourage someone to receive an inappropriate care package simply for our own advantage.
  • The wellbeing of all our Service Users will always be the most important thing.
  • We will act with care, compassion and understanding whilst at the same time being
    honest and straightforward. We believe that everyone has the right to make informed
    decisions about their care.
  • We acknowledge that we cannot provide the standards of care we seek to achieve
    without the dedicated support of our workforce, and we will therefore act as a fair and
    just employer in our dealing with all members of staff.
  • We will act with discretion and confidentiality when dealing with, or discussing,
    Service Users and will always respect any individual’s rights and expectations.